Sustainability & Transparency matter to us

Sustainable materials

We are passionate that our products are made from sustainable and natural materials like cardboard, FSC certified timber, 100% Cotton and to make our products last we use recycled materials like felt and synthetic paper.  All of our materials or paints are non toxic. We are committed to avoiding plastic parts and to use recycled materials. Our packaging options aim to avoid any environmental impact. 


Sustainable & ethical manufacturing

Our products are ethically and responsibly produced both in Ningbo, China and Sydney, Australia. Our aim is to produce as much locally. Our suitcases and playmats are designed and prototyped in Sydney. We searched for years for an option to produce locally but could not find a single manufacturer who was able to create our products. We guarantee absolute transparency with our customers and have high ethical standards . We are proud to say that we were able to ensure a partnership with a German owned manufacturer that has, at a price, enabled us to meet the high standards to create a quality product made ethically out of sustainable and natural materials to keep our children and our planet healthy.


Our production certificates