Like many parents, Angela and Martin have been observing how digital technology has become an increasingly large part of early childhood. In watching the impact of digital influences on young children they saw the need to offer busy caregivers alternative solutions. Educated in Austria as a Paediatric Speech Therapist, Angela gained extensive knowledge working with children with developmental delays for more than twelve years. She also collaborated extensively with occupational therapists in the field. In working toward her goal to create quality sustainable toys which support children's development she completed a Bachelor of Design in Germany.

Angela believes in lifelong learning and recently studied at Sheffield University, U.K., learning about 'The importance of play in everyday life' and also at Stanford Center for Health Education, U.S., learning about 'Child development, behaviour and mental health'. She is also currently an Executive Contributor for BRAINZ Magazine. Her husband Martin also works within the business as well as having a career in photography. As a father, he equally shares an interest in considering the impact of digital devices on early childhood learning. They currently live with their two children in Sydney, Australia.

"Being a parent myself has inspired me to create an unique toy concept that is engaging, versatile, eco-friendly, portable and that enhances playful learning through exploration."

angela mischkulnig

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