'We have both, the Ocean and the Car Suitcases for our two and four year olds. They are so well loved and have been amazing on a few weekends away. I love how everything packs away into the handy little suitcase. There is so many different components inside that keep our little ones engaged for so long'.


'My son received a wonderful little Car Lover Suitcase as a birthday gift and absolutely loves it! The interactive ramps, car wash, carpark and gates make for endless p[lay options. He loves the little included cars and helicopter but also adds his favourite treasured vehicles. The suitcase design is perfect for taking out and about, we take it to cafes and restaurants and and not only is my son happily entertained while waiting for our meal but everyone stops comment on how fantastic the suitcase is. Bravo to its creators!'


'I just bought the Car Lover Suitcase for my 3 year old son's birthday after seeing someone else recommend it on Facebook. He loves it so much! It's such a beautiful idea, very well made and delivery was quick. Highly recommend.'


'I bought the Ocean Suitcase for my daughter 2nd birthday, she absolutely ADORES it, in fact she wants to bring it with her everywhere and plays on her won for long periods of time. It's like buying 3 or 4 toys in one. So well worth the investment! Hands-down the best toy I've ever got. The quality of the suitcase and it's content is amazing too and you can just see th elove and thought that went into it'.

(Franziska - mum of two)

'My daughter was so excited with this Easter holiday surprise. The suitcase kept her occupied during our trip and she also a friend through sharing'.

(Mum of a 3 year old daughter)

"It was wonderful meeting you today at the Old Bus Depot Markets. We absolutely loved your car suitcase.'

(Rebecca - mum of two)

'What I love is when I come home from work, I don't have a pile of toys everywhere, the kids can simply pack it up and move it to the room or slip it in the shelf...awesome design'.

(Tim - dad of three)